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Don’t You Let

If you’re poor don’t let anyone make your fun
If you look ugly don’t let people joke on you

If you are rich do let no one misuse your money
If you’re superhuman don’t let your senses move towards what’s dummy.

If you’re good be one and do never let anyone spoil you
If you’re handsome do show off and don’t let anyone you!

If you are master in a field don’t let others misguide you about that
If you have a hobby perform it and don’t let yourself feeling bored!

If you’re born innocent don’t let anyone cheat you,
If you’re physically don’t let anyone beat you!

If you dream high don’t let anyone minimize your dreams
Draw smiles on faces and don’t let anyone have screams!


Why I Love You

I love you because you’re as beautiful as fairy
and bcoz you’re As sweet as Cold White Strawberry

I love you beacuse you seeems to me a better half
I will always wear u bcoz you’re my happiness’ scarf

I Iove you bcoz you are a princess
and also because You have addictive Coolness

I love you because
you are very good looking
you have a postive thinking
I love you bcoz you’re my everything!

I love you because you mean the World to me
And bcoz it was you who proposed me standing on Knee…!!


Books are our best friends,
They make us know about the trends!

Books are knowledge’s treasure,
Reading them will give pleasure!

Books add stars to your personality,
They can improve your life’s quality!

Books are available online and offline,
They’re superb, the opinion is mine!

I’ll write a great book, it’s my dream,
That everybody will say it’s as delicious as ice cream!