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If you feel alone look around your lovers are there
If you are hungry look aroud yummy food you shall find!

If you get angry look around other are cool and kind.
If you look dull don’t feel bad look aroud not everyone is cute.

If you’re handicapped don’t shy look around,
Ain’t people there helping you.
If you are although loyal look around everybody supports you.

If you get discriminated look around humanity would also be there,
If you are sad look around there are a lot reasons to be happy and glad!



You moan about the things you could never have,
What about the promises that you made to yourself?
Just a rock stuck in the continental shelf.
Maybe tomorrow is a better day,
But how will you do it if you cannot do it today?
Just a sick vulture flying over a dead prey.

But all this time you have lied to me,
What about the change you wanted to be?
Just a prisoner wanting to be free.

Maybe someday you’ll change,
Maybe someday you’ll break free from your comfortable cage,
full of screaming rage,
Do it one more time and you will never change.

First Poem on ‘Love’

Love is a word that means a lot,
Its smell is like a perfume’s shot!

It gives you best feelings and emotion,
Love is like your heart’s donation!

When you’re in live life accelerates at its best,
You just wanna increase it by leaving the rest!

It spreads happiness in the air.
It is as glossy as a blonde’s hair!

Love is all about craziness and coolness,
It is perhaps a remedy to all your weekness!