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Electronic Media’ important part is internet,
It is used to read news or chat.

Internet helps us in homework a lot
It is really knowledge’s pot.

With its help, we explore photography and art
Whenever I browsed Internet, it touched my heart.

We download games and movies from it,
It is not so expensive, it costs only a bit.

Internet is making our life more easy,
But it’s making people simply so busy.

Internet is superb but it’s addiction is harmful,
You should use it in such a way that it will be proved helpful!


A Very Beautiful Girl


One day I saw very beautiful girl who looked like princess
I loved her in first sight and started to guess whose that?

She’s as gorgeous as an angel,
I was filled with happiness when I gotta knew she’s single!

She kills everyone with her eyes,
It looks and it’s reality she’s very sweet and wise!

She is damn pretty and her voice is addictive,
How walks makes her more attractive!

I was on cloud 9 when I saw her,
But I’m down at heart now because she refused me as her lover…!

Why I Love You


I love you because you’re as beautiful as fairy
and bcoz you’re As sweet as Cold White Strawberry

I love you beacuse you seeems to me a better half
I will always wear u bcoz you’re my happiness’ scarf

I Iove you bcoz you are a princess
and also because You have addictive Coolness

I love you because
you are very good looking
you have a postive thinking
I love you bcoz you’re my everything!

I love you because you mean the World to me
And bcoz it was you who proposed me standing on Knee…!!

First Poem on ‘Love’

Love is a word that means a lot,
Its smell is like a perfume’s shot!

It gives you best feelings and emotion,
Love is like your heart’s donation!

When you’re in live life accelerates at its best,
You just wanna increase it by leaving the rest!

It spreads happiness in the air.
It is as glossy as a blonde’s hair!

Love is all about craziness and coolness,
It is perhaps a remedy to all your weekness!