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I’ll buy an iPhone very soon;

To me, it is a gold’s spoon!

It’s fashionable, it is cool.
An alternative to PC, a great tool!

iPhone is a gadget everybody wanna own,
It’s more stylish than any other smartphone!

It comes in colours variants like silver, gold, black and jet black
It is a safer device, very hard to hack!

Use it with care and never drop it,
If it gets a scratch, you’ll shout Shit! Shit! Shit! 😉



Television is Mirror to the world so switch it on,
It’s the present and radio’s time has gone.

Television has a lot to do with it,
Do watch news, sports and science channels to get profit!

The gadget with entertainment and infotainment is Television,
Be seated six feet away to avoid bad effect on your vision!

From the day I have it, my knowlege has been moving to an upper level,
It seems like magic is there in electrifying screen and cable!

Whether you feel it or not but I feel TV’s educative,
The more I watch it the more I get productive!

Watching television is useful bit it could be an addiction,
Don’t you have fun for hours but for minutes, its my Recommendation’!


Electronic Media’ important part is internet,
It is used to read news or chat.

Internet helps us in homework a lot
It is really knowledge’s pot.

With its help, we explore photography and art
Whenever I browsed Internet, it touched my heart.

We download games and movies from it,
It is not so expensive, it costs only a bit.

Internet is making our life easy,
But it’s making people simply so busy.

Internet is superb but it’s addiction is harmful,
You should use it in such a way that it can prove helpful!