Monthly Archives: February 2017

Poetry is an art.

Poetry is an art;
that can’t be bought at mart!

Poetry is an art;
encloses people living apart,

Poetry is an art;
that increases happiness’ level of mind and heart.

Poetry is an art.
Perhaps it’s thing topping creativity’s chart!

Poetry is an art;
that gets performed by people like me who’re smart!



Electronic Media’s important part is internet,
It is used to read news or chat.

Internet helps us in homework a lot
It is really knowledge’s pot.

With its help, we explore photography and art
Whenever I browsed Internet, it touched my heart.

We download games and movies from it,
It is not so expensive, it costs only a bit.

Internet is making our life easy,
But it’s making people simply so busy.

Internet is superb but it’s addiction is harmful,
You should use it in such a way that it can prove helpful!