I would be a Billionaire

I’m feeling like a Billion Rupees I’ve got,
But the people around me remind you’re not.

But I’ll try to be an anorak in studying business to earn a lot,
To lead high profile life is a dream for me and a battle for what I’ve fought!

I think I must acquist a Billion Rupee is the only thing I’ve taught,
Why I’m this confident? Because I’m super intelligent, born businessman, genius mind & dot dot dot!
That’s why I’ll be one man with that net worth;
You understood or not?

They say Suyash can’t be a billionaire; No never not.
I never mind their words because I know when I’ll be super rich they all will be caught!

God damn!
To dream to be a billionaire,
To be and act like one
is a Boon
I’ve obtained from the God!


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