Monthly Archives: January 2017

I would be a Billionaire

I’m feeling like a Billion Rupees I’ve got,
But the people around me remind you’re not.

But I’ll try to be an anorak in studying business to earn a lot,
To lead high profile life is a dream for me and a battle for what I’ve fought!

I think I must acquist a Billion Rupee is the only thing I’ve taught,
Why I’m this confident? Because I’m super intelligent, born businessman, genius mind & dot dot dot!
That’s why I’ll be one man with that net worth;
You understood or not?

They say Suyash can’t be a billionaire; No never not.
I never mind their words because I know when I’ll be super rich they all will be caught!

God damn!
To dream to be a billionaire,
To be and act like one
is a Boon
I’ve obtained from the God!


My Parent Don’t Understand

My parents don’t understand that no parents have a child like me
I’m cool so I never shout even if the don’t gimme a penny!

My parents don’t understand that I’m being mentioned as a brand
They don’t understand that I’m & always be in demand!

My parents don’t understand that being torchered gives the feeling that I’m in hell
If you wanna do the same better send me to the jail.

My parents don’t understand that my IQ level is high
I came into this world to fly and only to fly!

But now they understood me and gifting me an iPhone 7
And I’m very glad & finding myself in seventh heaven!!

A Very Beautiful Girl

One day I saw very beautiful girl who looked like princess

I loved her in first sight and started to guess whose that?

She’s as gorgeous as an angel,
I was filled with happiness when I gotta knew she’s single!

She kills everyone with her eyes,
It looks and it’s reality she’s very sweet and wise!

She is damn pretty and her voice is addictive,
How she walks makes her more attractive!

I was on cloud 9 when I gotta know she’s my neighbor,

But sooner I also gotta know she’s not interested in any Man who love her!

Why I Love You

I love you because you’re as beautiful as fairy
and bcoz you’re As sweet as Cold White Strawberry

I love you beacuse you seeems to me a better half
I will always wear u bcoz you’re my happiness’ scarf

I Iove you bcoz you are a princess
and also because You have addictive Coolness

I love you because
you are very good looking
you have a postive thinking
I love you bcoz you’re my everything!

I love you because you mean the World to me
And bcoz it was you who proposed me standing on Knee…!!

We Pledge to Read

We promise to read,
Each day and each night.
We know it’s the key,
To grow up right.

We’ll read at our desks,
At home and at school.
On a bean bag or bed,
By the fire or pool.

Each book that we read,
Put smarts in our heads.
Because brain grows more thoughts,
The more they are fed.

So we take this oath,
To make reading our way.
Of feeding our brains,
What it needs every day!


School bells are ringing,
loud and clear;
Vacations over, school is here.

We hunt our pencils and the books,
And say goodbye to and brooks.

But we are glad school has begun,
For work is always mixed with fun!

When autumn comes and the weather is cool,
Nothing can take the place of school!


It’s only a tiny common bird,
yet it flies ever so high.
When it soars into sky,
I can look up and sigh.

It’s only a timid bird,
sheltering in the house.
Living in constant fear of the cat, dog and mouse.

I would like to be like a pigeon,
soaring ever so high.
Ready to face any challenge,
my courage shall not die!


Books are our best friends,
They make us know about the trends!

Books are knowledge’s treasure,
Reading them will give pleasure!

Books add stars to your personality,
They can improve your life’s quality!

Books are available online and offline,
They’re superb, the opinion is mine!

I’ll write a great book, it’s my dream,
That everybody will say it’s as delicious as ice cream!