A Very Beautiful Girl πŸ‘Έ

One day I saw very beautiful girl who looked like princess
I loved her in first sight and started to guess who is that?

She’s as gorgeous as an angel,
I was filled with happiness when I gotta know she’s single!

She kills everyone with her eyes,
It looks and it’s reality she’s very sweet and wise!

She is very pretty and her voice is addictive,
How she walks makes her more attractive!

I was on cloud 9 when I gotta know she’s my neighbor,

But sooner I also gotta know she’s not interested in any Man who love her!


Girl Let Me

Girl let me be your Oreo and you be my Dream Cream,

Let me be your man my love and I’ll never let you scream.

You’re the coolest and sexiest I ever crushed on,

Start to talk to me once again, look your dad’s gone!

No more wordings for you, you’re more than my everything, more than my only love,

Beauty queen’s skin color is white-pinkish, doesn’t no need dove!

Each of my classmate and friends knows about you because you’re a princess πŸ‘Έ,

Loving you with all of my heart, how much? More than you can guess.

Loved you in first sight and since admiring you in excess.

Tell me what’s more to express!

Girl let me talk to you, walk with you,, spend quality time with you,

I neither wanna loose you nor wanna wait because many guys are in the queue.

Girl, let me help you forget that we half broke up.

Girl, let me remind how lovely was our past,

Once again please let me come back in your life, don’t take time. Be FAST!

Love! Loving her.

Loving but living without her!


Poem – Television

Television is Mirror to the world so switch it on,
It’s the present and radio’s time has gone.

Television has a lot to do with it,
Do watch news, sports and science channels to get profit!

The gadget with entertainment and infotainment is Television,
Be seated six feet away to avoid bad effect on your vision!

From the day I have it, my knowlege is moving to upper level,
It seems like magic is there in electrifying screen and cable!

Whether you feel it or not but I feel TV’s educative,
The more I watch it the more I get productive!

Watching television is useful but it can be an addiction,
Don’t you have fun for hours but for minutes, it’s my opinion!

My Parents Don’t Understand

My parents don’t understand that no parents have a child like me
I’m cool so I never shout even if they don’t gimme a penny!

My parents don’t understand that I’m being mentioned as a brand,
They don’t understand that I’m & will always be in demand!

My parents don’t understand that my IQ level is high, I came into this world to fly and only to fly!

But now they understood me and giving all the respect and attention,

I’m very glad & finding myself in the seventh heaven! 😊😊

If You’re Generous πŸ€—

If you’re generous, the whole world will praise you, People would love you and I think you possesses higher IQ.

If you’re generous, everyone is your fan; Once you became one, a lot of things you would gain!

If you’re generous, no doubt you’re creative too, In today’s world, genii are many but ‘Generous’ persons are very few.

If you’re generous, people might misuse you, But you need not to change yourself πŸ’ͺ, because one day, they’ll be paying the due.

If you’re generous, you can accomplish anything and beat the evil; I hope you’ll never change your attitude because of those negative people…!

Be Yourself… Be Generous…

Love πŸ’–

Love is a word that means a lot, Its smell is like that of a perfume’s shot!

It gives you best feelings and emotion,
Love is like your heart’s donation!

When you’re in live life accelerates at its best,
You just wanna increase it by leaving the rest!

It spreads happiness in the air.
It is as glossy as a blonde’s hair!

Love is all about craziness and coolness,
It is perhaps a remedy to all your weekness!

Her Nature!

Can’t define her nature in words but still trying,

Very sweet, kind and killing, she is really out of this world I’m not lying.

Her nature is appreciated by her neighborhood,

It is superior than any other girl’s, If you’re jealous reading this, then you should!

Her sweet nature has perhaps given her popularity,

She’s more beautiful and sweet than any other girl living in her locality!

If you say Nature is not everything, then must tell you she is very beautiful too,

There are so many gorgeous girls but to me the queen πŸ‘Έ among them is you!

Dream – To Be a Billionaire

I’m feeling like a Billion Rupees I’ve got,
But the people around me remind you’re not.

But I’ll try to be an anorak in studying Computer Science to earn a lot,
To lead high profile life is a dream for me and a battle for what I’m fighting and have fought!

I think I must acquire at least a Billion Rupees because you should be a capitalist is the only thing I’ve taught,
Why I’m this confident? Because I’m rich, born leader, intelligent guy & dot dot dot!

That’s why I’ll be one man with that net worth;
You understood my dream or not?

They say Suyash can’t be a billionaire; No never not.
I never mind their words because I know when I’ll be super rich they all will be caught!

My parents will make me Crorepati with their money soon,

I need not to start from scratch so it will be easier for me to be a business tycoon!


A Pretty Girl πŸ˜˜πŸ‘Έ

She says you are fascinating me day by day more and more,
If any other girl is knocking, don’t open your heart’s door!

Hiding her from world right now is my motto,
Will show you personally if wanna see her photo.

Every time she likes to twirl her hair,
But you’re so beautiful if you don’t twirl then also about you I’ll care.

Exactly looks like as if she lives in heaven and kills me!
Can’t decide she is more adorable or more smart is she? πŸ’“

New Year Eve

It’s been 365 day I was waiting for this day,

Feeling so cheered up and glad, in words I can’t say!

A diary of new opportunities has been opened,

And we’re gonna implement the Knowledge we learned.

Enjoying this occasion with friends creates beautiful memories,

In making fun and day, I’m burning my calories!

Everything went so good last year, and wish same goes this year too,

Happiness and smiles would be many, and problems and negativity would be few!

My supportive readers a very Happy New Year to you,

Hope you’ll be that strong this year that no fear will touch you!πŸ’ͺ

2018…should beπŸ‘ŒπŸ˜š!

The Rubik’s Cube

Solving Rubik’s Cube is a child’s play to me, I take less than 2 minutes for me to rearrange it, do you wanna see?

It is constituted of six differently colored faces, If we have a competition, I would come in the first place!

Everyone is attraced to the toy, No matter if he is a girl or a boy.

One of the most googled toy is the Rubik’s cube, Very soon the solution video by me will be shared on YouTube.

I learnt to rearrange it completely when I was just in first std. of middle school,

By knowing its solution, you’ll become a little bit more cool!